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Privatizing Poland, Chpt 1-3

The first three chapters of Privatizing Poland are interesting not because they contain a lot of new information; through the rest of the readings the class has done, we know the basic problems caused by governments shifting from socialism to … Continue reading

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Fordism/Taylorism in the Alima-Gerber Factory

The success of Henry Ford’s motor company was largely due to his introduction of the assembly line whereby each task in the process of creating a product is done repeatedly by an individual instead of one person making an entire … Continue reading

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10/4: Niche Marketing

In the spring of 1996—approximately four years post-purchase of Alima by Gerber—the company launched an innovative beverage line. Unveiled by the Polish head of the marketing division, this new product was everything that its forefathers weren’t. It was bright and … Continue reading

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Flexible Accumulation

Capital was beginning to circulate across national boundaries at an increasing rate in capitalist countries around the 1970s. Under Fordism, this capital had stayed mainly within the borders of one domestic economy. Not only capital, but also goods were being … Continue reading

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Privitizing Poland Week 7

During the times of Socialism, we have studied that it was the laborers that really controlled production. The laborers, knowing that they couldn’t really be fired, “slacked off” when it came to making something constantly struggling to make a quota. … Continue reading

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Week 7 Privatizing Poland chapters 1-3

We have spent much time distinguishing between socialism, capitalism, and communism and the events in between that have changed history. In this case, baby food is the focus of this immense change which is seen through the stages of socialism … Continue reading

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Week 7 Blog Post

Choose one of the following terms or concepts and discuss its significance at the Alima-Gerber production plant.  How does this term or concept relate to the economic restructuring process in post-socialist Poland? Fordism Taylorism Flexible Accumulation Balcerowicz Plan Niche Marketing

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