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Trabant Automobile

Trabant Automobile -1960s till the collapse of communism, the automobile exemplified the tensions between political controversies and the ideals of ordinary citizens -For the everyday citizen, the automobile represented personal freedom and also a symbol for western consumerism Was the … Continue reading

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Socialist/Post-Socialist Goods: Mocca Fix Gold & Spreewald Pickles

With the collapse of the GDR in 1990, the process of reunification took the stage. The fusion with the West proved itself painful—both politically and economically. The people witnessed the privatization of over 14,000 East German companies accompanied by the … Continue reading

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Group Assignment–Socialist/Post-socialist Goods

Find out as much information as you can about the goods that your group was assigned in class (Spreewald Pickles/Moccafix Gold or the Trabant automobile).  In particular, discuss the importance of the product during the socialist period, and what happened … Continue reading

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