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Week 13–Blog Post: Biological Citizens

Throughout Life Exposed, Adriana Petryna gives ethnographic examples of people who were effected by the Chernobyl disaster.  Choose one example that you find compelling and explain why.  How is this person expressing biological citizenship and/or seeking justice? Your response is … Continue reading

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Goodbye Lenin Commentary

Please post your brief commentary on Goodbye Lenin! in the comments section of this post.  

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Week 9 Blog Post

Please write a short reaction/reflection on the film Chesky Sen (Czech Dream).  You may wish to consider one or more of the following questions: How was identity being constructed/manipulated? How was consumption represented? Was the project ethical? What themes in … Continue reading

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Group Assignment–Socialist/Post-socialist Goods

Find out as much information as you can about the goods that your group was assigned in class (Spreewald Pickles/Moccafix Gold or the Trabant automobile).  In particular, discuss the importance of the product during the socialist period, and what happened … Continue reading

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Book Review Essay Assignment

Your task for this assignment is to write an academic review of the book you’ve chosen to read from the supplemental reading list. Academic book reviews are a specific genre of writing intended to help inform scholars about the content … Continue reading

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Week 7 Blog Post

Choose one of the following terms or concepts and discuss its significance at the Alima-Gerber production plant.  How does this term or concept relate to the economic restructuring process in post-socialist Poland? Fordism Taylorism Flexible Accumulation Balcerowicz Plan Niche Marketing

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Timeline Assignment

For our Sept. 29 class meeting, we will be building a collaborative timeline depicting the collapse of socialist governments in Eastern Europe in 1989 to 1991.  Each student will be responsible for building a timeline for one country, as assigned … Continue reading

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Week 5 Blog Post Assignment

For this week’s blog post, please reflect on some of the ways socialist property policies and practices affected the process of agricultural decollectivization in Romania.  What were some of the problems created by attempting to reintroduce individual ownership of agricultural … Continue reading

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Week 4 Assignment

Please write a short reaction to the socialist production simulation we conducted in class on Sept. 13.  How did it illustrate (or fail to illustrate) socialist production systems?  How did it compare to what we’ve read in What was Socialism … Continue reading

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Week 3 Writing Assignment

Reflect on Katherine Verdery’s description of socialist production and consumption in What was Socialism and What Comes Next.  How do these practices differ from the types of capitalist production and consumption that we are more familiar with? Post your response on … Continue reading

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