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life exposed post

A woman that caught my attention was Rita in chapter 5. On the day of the explosion, she went to work anyways because she was afraid she would lose her pension and social benefits. But when you read her story, … Continue reading

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Lives of others video reaction

I really liked the movie “The Lives of Others” because it showed justice from a different point of view. The main character of the man who worked for the Stasi but sided with the writer was always torn by the … Continue reading

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Goodbye Lenin reaction

I really liked the movie Goodbye Lenin because it taught me more about the transition from Socialism to Capitalism in an actual movie-like fashion rather than a lecture/documentary. This movie told a story and in doing this, the audience got … Continue reading

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Book Review

Book Review Contested Tongues by Laada Bilaniuk explored Language politics and cultural correction in Ukraine. The author deeps into how language affects the ways that others label identity in a bilingual country where Ukrainian and Russian is spoken. A standard … Continue reading

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Video-Czech Dream

I think that the video  and the purpose of making a fake hypermarket was a brilliant idea. Even though this process negativly affected people, it had the bigger purpose of demostrated the moral of how capitalism has such a power … Continue reading

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Privitizing Poland Week 7

During the times of Socialism, we have studied that it was the laborers that really controlled production. The laborers, knowing that they couldn’t really be fired, “slacked off” when it came to making something constantly struggling to make a quota. … Continue reading

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The ways of Socialist Property

As we have learned from the reading and from our in class demonstration/game, the ways of socialist property,as seen in Romania, seem unfair. To start, there were understood divisions of land between neighbors. Everyone knew where their land started and stoped. … Continue reading

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Socialism Game

The game that was played today emphasizes the socialist system of production that we have been learning about this past week. In a socialist system, profit isn’t really a priority but rather there is a focus on supplies/materials. This is … Continue reading

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Verdery Socialism Intro-chpt 2

According to Verdery, Socialism had many components and these such components led to the fall of socialism itself. Some of the components of socialism revolve around the concept of centralized planning, competition, seizures of time, and socialist paternalism. These aspects are … Continue reading

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