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Book Review: Solovyovo

Solovyovo: The story of Memory in a Russian Village is an ethnography written by Margaret Paxson, who spent seventeen months in the rural Russian village of Solovyovo in the early 1990s, post Glasnost and Perestroika. She lived with an elderly … Continue reading

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Movie Reaction

The movie we watched in class, the documentary, was interesting in that I feel it raised moral questions. I don’t really think there was anything wrong with fooling people, but I also don’t think it reflects badly on people that … Continue reading

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Privatizing Poland, Chpt 1-3

The first three chapters of Privatizing Poland are interesting not because they contain a lot of new information; through the rest of the readings the class has done, we know the basic problems caused by governments shifting from socialism to … Continue reading

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Verdery Chpt 4-5

Patriotism seems to be the main topic covered in Chapters four and five of Verdery’s “What was Socialism, and What Comes Next?”. Patriotism had a strongly felt resurgence throughout the formerly-socialist east. Verdery claims that this resurgence was due to … Continue reading

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Week 4, Socialist Secondary Markets

The readings and exercises in class made me very curious about how effective a socialist economy is in supplying the needs of the population. It is by far not the most efficient way of making, well, anything. But it seems … Continue reading

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Assignment 3 post

According to Katherine Verdery’s analysis, capitalism and socialism differ as they have fundamentally different objectives. There is much direct juxtaposition when comparing the two systems. The point of capitalism is to cater to the public, those with purchasing power, producing … Continue reading

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