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Biological Citizenship Blog

One story of biological citizenship that I found very compelling was that of Lev, a forty-eight year old cab driver from Chernobyl. For “one month and five days” following the Chernobyl incident, he had driven an army general around the … Continue reading

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Reaciton to “The Lives of Others”

 I found “The Lives of Others” to be a very interesting film for its portrayal of Wiesler, the interpretation of justice under the Stasi system, and its depiction of East Germany under this system. Wiesler provides a stark contrast to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Russia Gets the Blues, Michael Urban

Michelle Hickey                                                                                                                11/1/11 ANTH 284                                                                                                           Professor Asher Michael Urban’s Russia Gets the Blues discusses the relevance, popularity, and evolution of blues music in Russia’s post-socialist society. Using formal and informal interviews as a means of gathering first-hand … Continue reading

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Chesky Sen Reaction

The film Chesky Sen gave an interesting perspective on the power of advertising in a newly capitalist country. Having lived in a society that only provided basic needs, being able to focus on desires must have been a tantalizing treat … Continue reading

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Fordism/Taylorism in the Alima-Gerber Factory

The success of Henry Ford’s motor company was largely due to his introduction of the assembly line whereby each task in the process of creating a product is done repeatedly by an individual instead of one person making an entire … Continue reading

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Decollectivization in Romania

When Romania was collectivized under socialist rule, all the land came under the common ownership of the people who had donated property to it. In order to cultivate as much of the land as possible, many trees, bushes, rocks, and … Continue reading

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Reaction to Socialist Production Simulation

I feel that the marshmallow, toothpick, and Snickers activity we did in class yesterday gave us a good general overview of how socialist production worked. Similarly to Verdery’s description of this kind of production in her What is Socialism and … Continue reading

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Vedery Post 09/05/11

The first difference Vedery notes between socialism and capitalism is the use of centralized planning. In this economic practice, a central planner set a “target” for the amount of goods to be produced by a company and based on that … Continue reading

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