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week 13 post

In the second chapter, Adriana Petryna talks about “a foreign burden”. That foreign burden refers to the internal radiation that workers and citizens had after Chernobyl. Dmytro was a miner from the coal-mining region of Donbas in Ukraine. He was … Continue reading

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reaction to lives of others

I really enjoyed this movie for many reasons. First, I think it connected well to the course. Throughout the movie I was able to recognize the extreme corruption. Although they did not specifically suggest or tell us why it was … Continue reading

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Book Review

Annie Goldman ANTH- book review How Russia Really Works by Alena V. Ledeneva Building from her previous book, Russia’s Economy of Favours, Alena V. Ledeneva reflects on the economic and political practices in Post-soviet Russia in her book How Russia … Continue reading

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late- Goodbye Lenin

Goodbye Lenin helped me grasp the differences between idealized socialism and the reality of what socialism became. Before watching the movie, I had a hard time really picturing the effect of sociology on everyday lives. When I was able to … Continue reading

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Trabant Automobile

Trabant Automobile -1960s till the collapse of communism, the automobile exemplified the tensions between political controversies and the ideals of ordinary citizens -For the everyday citizen, the automobile represented personal freedom and also a symbol for western consumerism Was the … Continue reading

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I have to admit the film was nothing like I had expected. At the very beginning when the film directors/producers introduced their project I had a basic understanding of what their idea was and how they would go about it … Continue reading

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Flexible Accumulation

Capital was beginning to circulate across national boundaries at an increasing rate in capitalist countries around the 1970s. Under Fordism, this capital had stayed mainly within the borders of one domestic economy. Not only capital, but also goods were being … Continue reading

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Annie Goldman Post week 5

The ways in which socialist property policies and practices were carried out caused many conflicts. Conflicts arose not only in relationships between the government and the people, but also between the people themselves. These were neighbors, friends, and even family … Continue reading

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week 4

I think the socialist production simulation game gave me a good sense of what really went on in business during that time period. It particularly emphasized for me how important materials were in order to stay on top. Our readings … Continue reading

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Verdery Post–Annie

I found myself particularly interested with Katherine Verdery’s description of consumption. I do not have much previous knowledge about socialism and why it fell. As she begins to explain consumption in socialist context, she refers back to her discussion of … Continue reading

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