Course Format:

This course will follow a seminar and collaborative research format that emphasizes interactive discussions, public writing and debate, and group and individual research and presentations.  Students are therefore expected to actively engage in, as well as lead, course discussions, presentations and activities.

Blogging, Open Access and Licensing: 

This website and blog will act as a central location for course assignments and discussion.  Students will be given an account on the course website to use for posting and editing content.  In order to avoid confusion, I ask that students post content using their real name.  However, if you have concerns about having your name appear on public posts, please talk to me and I will make other arrangements.  My goal is to make as much of this course open access as possible, meaning that all course materials–including both my own materials and students’ assignments–will be publicly available on the course website.  As we build the content of the blog throughout the semester,  I encourage students to think of themselves   as collaborators in a cooperative educational project.  For this reason, I have applied a general Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Noncommercial license to the website unless otherwise specified.  this allows the reuse of materials as long as the author is acknowledged and they are not used for commercial purposes.  Students may choose either to use this license for their own work, or to apply any other license that they prefer.  I recommend that students use one of the options available at Creative Commons.

If a student would like to opt out of making any of of his or her materials open access, he or she may do so at any time without penalty.

Twitter and Social Media:

I encourage students to utilize twitter as a way to connect with me and their classmates outside of our seminar meetings.  We will also be using twitter as a “back channel” for course presentations and discussions, and the course website will collect and display class tweets.  The hashtag we will use for this course is #ANTH284.  My twitter handle is @aasher.

Please note that I do not use Facebook for my teaching and professional activities, so please do not send me messages or look for updates via Facebook.


In general, late assignments will either not be accepted, or, in the case of major papers, will be penalized significantly (10% per day after the due date).  In the case of extenuating circumstances (e.g. major health problems), Bucknell policies will apply.

Academic Integrity:

Students are expected to follow Bucknell University’s academic responsibility guidelines.  Any assignments in which plagiarism or cheating is found will automatically receive a zero.  Furthermore, I reserve the right to report a student for these actions at my discretion.

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