The following books will be the principal texts for the course.  These books are available at the Bucknell bookstore and can also be easily found online.

John Borneman. (1997) Settling Accounts: Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Elizabeth Dunn. (2004) Privatizing Poland. Cornell University Press

Daphne Berdahl. (1999) Where the World Ended: Re-Unification and Identity in the German Borderland. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Adriana Petryna. (2002) Life Exposed: Biological Citizens after Chernobyl. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Katherine Verdery. (1996) What was socialism, and What Comes Next? Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Additional readings will be made available on the course website.


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