Trabant Automobile

Trabant Automobile

-1960s till the collapse of communism, the automobile exemplified the tensions between political controversies and the ideals of ordinary citizens

-For the everyday citizen, the automobile represented personal freedom and also a symbol for western consumerism

  • Was the vehicle that took people across the border when the Berlin Wall fell

-Problems involving shortages, waiting lists,, lack of readily available credit, and the inadequacy of streets and highways were common

-In 1957, it became the answer to the need for an affordable means of transportation

  • A cheaper version of a VW beetle
  • Owners could use basic tools to repair the car,

-Made out of duroplast, a form of plastic containing resin strengthened recycled wool or cotton

-As Germany reunified , the production line soon closed (in 1991) as desire and need no longer was present, and better models took its place after the fall of communism

-1975 Trabant made the Time magazine ‘top 50 worst cars’ at number 27

Photo of Trabant:

Video on Factory production line of Trabant:

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